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Learn more about expository essay

Expository essay is a type of essay that requires you to investigate about an idea, analyze its evidence and elaborate the idea. You need to put an argument in your essay regarding that idea in a concise yet clear manner. An expository essay can be written as compare and contrast, cause and effect, ‘how to’ process, definitions etc.
These kinds of essays are normally given in school or college to make evaluations and can be found in different formats.These tips will help you build a good structure of your expository essay.

Be concise yet clear and well define your thesis statement:

Always remember to be clear and concise in your essay, never put in irrelevant details because it will have a very bad effect on your reader. Keep your thesis statement as small as you can and always place it in the very first paragraph of your essay. The best places of thesis statement are the beginning or the ending of your introduction.

Make clear transitions between your introduction, body and conclusion:

Always make clear transitions between your introduction body and conclusion. Remember that if you will produce a mixed up essay your reader will never like that. Always move step by step with synchronization between you sentences. Without synchronization, the structure of your essay will collapse.
Keep your paragraph full with evidential support
Remember to take one idea per paragraph and make it full with different evidences. This will help you produce clarity and will create readability for your audience. Try to use logical evidences only.

Give a tinge of creativity to your essay:

Though expository essay don’t require much of artfulness and creativity, you can use a bit of it to grab reader’s attention. You can use flowery language to leave an everlasting impression on reader’s mind. You can draw conceits and metaphors in compare and contrast of you can personify objects of your evidence.

The five-paragraph essay

The common approach for writing an expository essay is five paragraph essays. It means that you need to employ just five paragraphs in your whole essay. The first paragraph will be your introduction, next three paragraph will form the body of your essay (they will be evidentiary in their nature) and the last paragraph will form you conclusion. This however is not the only method to write an expository essay you can also use other methods but they are somewhat complicated in nature.


Always keep your conclusion concise and clear. Try not just to restate you thesis statement but redress your core matter in the light of evidences you have given in your essay. Remember that conclusion is the part where you will leave an impression on your reader’s mind. Make that part clear; never exceed more than 4-6 lines and try to be effective and logical. Try not to disclose a new piece of information; synthesize your thinking to end your essay logically. You can use some quotation, post a question or end it on some twisted thought.

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Learn to Pick the Right Thesis Statement to Write Effective Essays

Picking a thesis statement to jot down an essay can be very difficult because it requires a good deal of research and study. Whenever you are researching, brain waving and analyzing your topic, always try to take a good deal of time first before making you thesis statement. Remember that thesis statement is one single line that can tell everything about your essay or article. It will lead and shape the rest of essay so it should be clear and well defined.

The thesis statement appear either in the very beginning of your paper or at the end of its introduction. It is better if you put it in the beginning; however, you can also put it at the end. Reader always looks for your thesis statement first to get the whole idea of your writing.

Make your thesis statement arguable:

Your contention or thesis statement should be able to provoke arguments. If you’re not sure about your bone of contention ask yourself questions against your point. If you will be able to answer them in opposition than it is an appropriate thesis statement but if you fail to do so remember that it is not thesis statement but just a fact.

For instance: “Computer is the best invention of man; it is the best source to get and transmit information around the world”. No one will deny this or contend over this so it is not a thesis statement but a general fact so it is not an arguable statement.

Now see this: “excessive use of computers can affect family cohesion and there can be an increased divorce rate. Children who use computers excessively don’t respect their parents” This is an arguable point because it can provoke discussion. People can oppose this and deny this so it can make a good thesis statement.

Always be specific: The thesis statement should be specific. Try to avoid broad topic; never pick up generalized statement like “all men are liars or all women are beautiful”. Remember that your thesis statement should have all the details and a single line should throw light on your stance pretty well.

For instance: “We should never drink tap water”. This statement is vague and generalized. It doesn’t convey much sense as why we should avoid tap water. Since it doesn’t provoke argument, it is not specific.

Now see this: “We should not drink tap water because it can cause serious health issues like hepatitis, diarrheas and nausea. Those who use tap water are more prone to diseases than those who take boiled water” Now this statement is much more specific and the reader can have a clear idea by reading this line that what the essay will be about.

Avoid listing points in your thesis statement.

If your thesis statement contains long lists of several points, it is a bad statement. Remember that long lists and several points’ results in bad and shallow essays. Always try to be narrow and specific and remember that you have less space to fully explore an idea so be specific.

Keep your Essay Intro impactful through these tips

The first goal of your essay intro should be to grab reader’s attention on the very first glance. You have to make your introduction highly efficient and impactful. Your introduction should be able to generate interest in readers. To attract you reader you should employ these points in your introduction.

  • Some surprising fact: Using an interesting fact in your essay will make things interesting and effective. The readers will find it interesting and continue reading.
  • New Information: It will also your reader curious; try to employ new info don’t just copy paste random material from internet because it can have a negative effect on you reader.
  • Some Interesting Quotes: Beginning your essay with a quotation or a saying really makes your essay impactful and it will grab reader’s attention on the very first glance.
  • Use different and odd terms: They also fascinate readers some try to use different terms which are uncommon to people.
  • An inspiring question: Questions always make your essay influential because they provoke reader’s interest they make him stir to think the answer of the question you employ so it is a good technique.
  • Paradox and Oxymoron’s: Try to use these because they carry dual meanings and reader always reads whole essay to find an interpretation.

In a short essay of 700-1000words never go for a lengthy introduction. Just try to grab reader’s attention by employing one of the above-mentioned techniques into 4 to 5 short sentence and then begin writing on your issue. You can begin by describing some situation or the context of the problem you’re talking about. Remember not to begin you essay with generalizations. It can leave a pretty bad effect on reader’s mind. Allow try to be narrow and specific.

 For instance, “all men are mortal (This is a very broad and generalized statement; it will not be provocation for questions in reader’s mind). Now see this: Humans are the best creation of God; because he is bestowed with many qualities and among humans, men are more superior to the rest of the race. (This is a very specific statement; it stirs many questions in reader’s mind it will lead to a great debate so it is not a fact but your thesis)

Remember that to write an intro you only need to be wise neither a learned man nor an eloquent one. Use your logic and reason to produce a simple and relevant intro for your essay. Never exhaust and bore your reader with lengthy and irreverent intro. The experts believe every writer should be specific and jump straight into the matter of contention. For instance, if you use to tell something about phenomenon’s like death and pleasure never try to anatomize them with details because every person on this earth knows their meanings. Also try not to allure your reader with spice and sauces of language, in short just try to make a good conflict to get reader’s attention.

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